TV Licensing Mastermind + Bonus List!

TV Licensing Mastermind + Bonus List!

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A Bonus List of 50 Libraries and the emails of the Music Supervisors is included For FREE so you can start submitting TODAY!

This Video Course was Created by Gummy Beatz, Who has been in the TV Sync Licensing Business for 10 Years now with Over 3000 Placements in Shows and Networks like Love&Hiphop, ESPN, The Voice, Tosh.0, Saturday Night Live, NBATV, WWE, Pepsi, NFL and more!

In this 90 Minute Mastermind you will learn Step by Step:

1. What ASCAP/BMI is. How to properly sign up.

2. How a track gets placed on a TV show/Commercial.

3. HOW and WHERE I find placement opportunities every week (Without Paying for submissions)

4. How Non -Exclusive vs. Exclusive Publishing Deals work.

5. How the payment system works. (Upfront and Backend Royalties)

6. What format to submit Your Music. 
Includes 2 Templates for email submissions (Non-Exclusive AND Exclusive)

7. I will explain What kind of music is needed, and how to play the "long term" game.

And some Bonus Gems discussing all FAQ's such as: 

 - Using Loops
- Screen Shares of ASCAP statements explaining how much payments look like on average
- Non Exclusive vs. Exclusive Libraries
- IPI/CAE Registration

After purchase you will get a download link and password to watch the video course.
You can review the video as many times as you like!

Wish everyone many placements and much success!!

God Bless!