Gummy Gang Beat Collab

Gummy Gang Beat Collab

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Whats up guys!


Gummy Gang launches Sept 1st 2021!


Im finally building a team of producers!

Its a big LONG TERM project for 2022! 

This will be a collab test to see what the ARTIST feels.

Im charging $149.99 for the collab. HALF of that money will go towards Marketing! 

It will generate thousands of plays targeted towards beat buyers. 

The numbers wont lie! The TOP 30 selling beats (within 6 months), that generate the most sales,likes, attention etc ... those producers will join The Gummy Gang where we will build the biggest online beat store ever!

The collab will be posted with 50/50 split sales on the Gummy Gang beat stars page!

Creative part:

I send you 3 melody ideas. YOU choose ONE you feeling the most! finish the beat and Send me the final WAV and  Stems. I post it up on our page!

Any questions lemme know @Gummybeatz on instagram


After payment give me a few days to whip up new melodies (WAV + MIDI will be sent to ya!)