Beat Collab w/ Gummy Beatz

Beat Collab w/ Gummy Beatz

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Book a Beat Collab with Gummy Beatz!


How it works:

1. After payment contact me via instagram @GummyBeatz and we will discuss the creative process.

Option 1 - I send you a few melody loops to choose from.

Option 2 - You send me a few Melody ideas ( 8 bar loop in .wav format) 

Please label the BPM.


After the beat is done:

- I will drop it on my beat stars page with a 50/50 split

- Give you a shoutout on IG Stories featuring our beat and tag you.

- Send out to all opportunities I have with Tv Shows/Netflix Catalogue

- I will submit the beat to All Major Label Artists working on an album 


Any questions feel free to message me!


Look forward to making a great final product!